Property transfer and specialised conveyancing transactions

The conveyance of immovable property from seller to purchaser forms the backbone of our property law department. Our conveyancers are experienced in drafting transfer and other specialised documentation for registration in the Deeds Registries Office, including consolidations, subdivisions and the registration of servitudes and other rights in immovable property.

We are able to provide a high-quality service for the transfer of residential and commercial freehold and sectional title properties, sectional title properties as well as to provide our clients with advice in regard to the particular requirements involved in agricultural land transactions.

Notarial Services:

Certain specialised contracts and other documents are required by law to be notarially executed, in which case a notary has to draft and attest to same. The document is then signed and witnessed in the presence of the notary. These include:

  •  Antenuptial contracts;
  •  Deeds of Servitude
  •  Deeds of Cession of Usufruct
  •  Notarial Leases
  •  Notarial Bonds
•   Trust Deeds of Donation

A notary is also required to authenticate various documents for the use abroad. This is done by way of an Apostille or a Notarial Authentication Certificates.

Conveyancing Services:

Conveyancing is the process by which ownership of immovable property is lawfully transferred.

Our services include:

•  An approachable conveyancer who will facilitate a smooth
    journey through the transfer process
•  Assistance with completing the offer to purchase and
    navigating questions relating to the offer
•  Registering the transfer of residential, sectional title,
    commercial, industrial, agricultural property
•  Property sub-divisions and consolidations
•  Extensions regarding sectional title schemes or units
•  Establishment and registration of townships
•  Opening of sectional title registers
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Antenuptial Contracts:

An Antenuptial Contract (ANC) is a highly important document. The ANC is applicable to marriage out of community of property ie it governs what happens to one’s assets and liabilities on death or divorce. This contract must be entered into prior to the marriage either with or without the application of the accrual system. It is crucial for all parties to understand the full implications when entering into this most sensitive but also protective contract.

We would like to guide you on this journey.